You'll feel right at home with me!: I Have a Buyer for YOU! Fact or Hogwash?

I Have a Buyer for YOU! Fact or Hogwash?

Thank you Debe for touching on a much needed topic.

Too many agents do this type of stuff which gives us a bad name. It has always bothered me hearing that agents do this to get listings. If I don't get them the honest way I don't get them...

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I Have a Buyer for YOU!  Fact or Hogwash?

Fact or fiction?...You tell me!The Charlotte Observer’s Deon Roberts wrote an article today about real estate brokers using letters, post cards and calls to nab listings.  Deon phoned me for my commentary on the matter and I gave my quick answer to his question about agents sending out letters.  I’d like to expand on my thoughts on this matter, as just today, I had a call from a client who has been receiving these letters and calls.

Charlotte is currently suffering from inventory shortage.  YES, we do have buyers desperately seeking housing in very targeted areas.  However, clients are getting calls, cards and emails in many areas that are not truly suffering the shortage of inventory that many are.  They are receiving these mailers and calls simply because agents are scampering for business. 

According to this client, there is no coordinated marketing within certain brokerages because they are receiving multiple calls and mailings from even the same offices.  And, the line is EXACTLY the same, “I have a buyer for your home.  Are you interested in listing today?

My client said that they caught the agents off guard by replying, “Well, if you have a buyer, why do we need to list it?” 

Agent:  “This client may not be THE one for your home but, I have others who are looking in your neighborhood.

Homeowner:  “Well, if I had the inclination to sell my home now, I’d certainly have you bring all of your buyers through BEFORE listing my home.  Why would I go through all of that trouble to list it, if you have a buyer or multiple buyers for me?

Agent:  “Well, your home may not be what any of them want.  Don’t you want to list it and find the perfect buyer?

Homeowner:  “I tell you what:  You call my agent and get this set up.  Let’s bring these people through and see if any of them are interested.  For the right price, we may just sell it now!  Here’s my agent’s contact information...

Agent:  “Oh, okay!

Homeowner:  “When can I tell her to expect you to set these showings up?

Agent:  “I don’t know, I’ll have to check.

This was last week and neither of us have heard from this agent.  Today, she had the very same conversation with another agent from the same office...until the very end.  The agent, rather than just saying, “Oh, okay!” said, “Well, I can save you money just listing with me - we don’t need to involve her (meaning me)!

REALLY?!  Do these agents think these homeowners just fell off the turnip truck?  This is a ‘scam’ that’s been used for years.  I’ve received the letters myself and always laugh that the agents obviously didn’t even check to eliminate agents and brokers from their mailing lists. 

Not only do they think that these homeowners are clueless, which I find insulting to the homeowners themselves but, what about the reputation of our profession as a whole?  For those of us who bend over backwards to provide world class customer service and give our profession a better name than that of a used car salesman, find ourselves also having to explain our peers’ lack of professionalism. 

Yes, I know that sometimes we DO have to send out these letters.  And, I’ve done just that myself.  However, I always include - “I’m NOT writing this to have the opportunity to list your home; I have someone legitimately interested in a buying a home ON YOUR STREET!” 

Agents and brokers, work your sphere, write your blogs, be social on social media, volunteer, be involved in your community and farm (the honest way).  Your business WILL grow by leaps and bounds! 

You simply DO NOT have to lie to homeowners to obtain business! 

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JodiAnn, Thank you so much for the re-blog!  I feel the same way as you...I can't IMAGINE beginning a relationship on a LIE, which is exactly what these agents are doing.  So sad for the consumer and maddening for those of us in this profession who work by a far higher standard of ethics.

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